As a Charleston, SC native, I grew up amidst the natural beauty of the lowcountry – a historical seacoast city surrounded by wetlands and forests. In addition to the inspiration of this incredible environment, growing up in a very artistic household, combined with my Mexican/southern heritage helped to inspire in me a love for all things visually and emotionally stimulating. Art became my focus from a very early age, and my major field of study – first at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and later at the University of South Carolina. At both schools, I studied various genres of visual arts, and honed my skills in a variety of art forms.
Years of study, as well as freelancing projects for events and individuals, owning a crafting studio, and designing commercial spaces for friends and family, led me to find that my true passion lies in giving old things new life. I discovered a joy in all forms of recycled art, for both decorative and functional purposes. Creating something beautiful from an item once discarded allows what I consider to be incredible room for creativity, while putting to use something that might have otherwise never achieved its true potential. To me, it is the adventure of art to reveal the treasure that exists within a common object, as yet unseen, and bringing it to the fore to be enjoyed, admired, and loved.

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